Past topics


  • Before my PhD, I worked with Hugo Herbelin on the automatic and transparent transfer of theorems along isomorphisms. On this subject, I have written a blog post [in French] and a working paper.

Computational biology


  • I did an internship with Professor Paul Sabatier at LIF (Laboratoire d’Informatique Fondamentale) in Marseille in the area of Natural Language Processing. I developed an algorithm to infer syntactic transformation of a sentence from examples and implemented it in Prolog [report, in French].
  • When in primary and middle school, I invented a language called Enfantin. This paper I wrote [in French] explains everything you need to know about it. On a side note, I’ve never spoken this language fluently and I would have had no one to talk to anyways.


  • In second year of college studies (maths spé at Lycée Thiers, Marseille), I worked on my first research project. The subject was how to adapt a vehicle to the road surface (in the context of Shell Eco-Marathon). I defended this report [in French] for the competitive exams leading to my admission to the ENS (École Normale Supérieure), Paris. I have studied, both theoretically and experimentally, the variation in running resistance with respect to the type of road surface, but also to the tire pressure.


  • When in high school, I did a report [in French] on the adaption of plants to a new environment with two classmates.
  • My first internship in a research unit was in middle school when I visited a biology/cancer research lab for one week [report, in French].

Other computer science works

  • During an internship at Microsoft Research Cambridge (England), I worked on non-termination proofs, under the supervision of Byron Cook [report, in English].
  • I have read and commented many computer science research papers. I’m including here a link to one of the first comment I did, on a paper in the area of robotics [in French].

Past software projects

  • My first programming project (winner of the Concours Innovez des Jeunes Inventeurs, March 2008): Test-Pedago [in French]. This is an educative software which was used by a school teacher with her students. Some of them directly contributed to it by creating a database for French verbs conjugation.
  • A modern version of the Snake game that you can play in your web browser on mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. It still works perfectly!
  • A mass-collaboration novel writing project: unkilodeplumes [in French].


As an editor, I contributed to the creation of Kinea, a new plurilingual online magazine which provides alternative political and economical analyses as well as science popularization.