I am radically progressive and optimist about the ability of humans to take care of themselves and change the world for the better.

After being an outraged teenager and spending years developping political ideas and building utopies, I finally understood that finding the means to get somewhere is almost as important as the end.

However, I’m not so sure today about what good politics can bring. I would be a politician if I thought this was the best way to achieve improvements to everyone’s and our planet’s lives.

I still think politics as important and necessary, as it has been since the beginning of our democratic systems. Yet, even progressive politicians have a lot of difficulties to implement what they are elected for (when they are elected).

To bring change at a quicker pace, what the organizations, entrepreneurs and inventors do can matter as much. Among other things, technology is leading to a breakthrough for democracy.

Internet has already started to mutate the way in which citizens handle political matters. If there are examples when we can say Internet helped start a revolution, it is mostly a new and uncontrolled media. For instance, social networks have played a strong role in the current movement against racist and violent policemen in the US. Given the importance of Internet, it is very disturbing that countries such as the UK and France are now trying to control it.

General tools like social media won’t suffice though. More specialized tools like Avaaz as well as day-to-day activism are needed.

Money is power too. Philanthropists can have a big impact and big money people who do not use it rightfully have a large share of responsibility in today’s world state.

That’s why I’m thriving to invent new ways of having a progressive impact while also doing some classical political activism.

By the way, we can make the world a better place but we should worry of not destroying it first.